Mapp & Lucia's Rye

A guide to the locations of Tilling set in Rye

High Street

H Horrell, Chemist, High Street

Wasters (Books)

Wasters is the home of Godiva (Diva) Plaistow and rented to Mapp whilst her house is in turn let to Lucia. In the books, Wasters is referred to as either 14 (H Horrell Chemist) or 17 (Byzantium) High Street as E F Benson gave no exact location or description. Channel 4 places Wasters at 11 Watchbell Street ... read more

Ashbee & Son Butchers, 100 High Street

Worthington (Books)

It has been worked out that the books refer to Worthington as being at 100 High Street, Rye; formerly Ashbee’s Butchers. In the Channel 4 series, what is now the Swan Emporium is used for both Worthington butchers and Twemlow grocer. The recent BBC series showed Worthington butchers in the Butter Market, under Rye’s Town ... read more