Mapp & Lucia's Rye

A guide to the locations of Tilling set in Rye

1922-1939 Book Locations

Played House, Military Road

Grebe (Books)

Lucia bought Grebe after renting “Mallards” and later bought it from Mapp who moved to Grebe. The books show Grebe as Playden House (Playden Cottage) in Military Road. Channel 4 use Point Farm in Camber for Grebe. ... read more

Robin Hill, Mermaid Street

Starling Cottage (Books)

Mr and Mrs Wyse are shown to live at Robin Hill in Mermaid Street in the original books. The BBC use Hartshorn House in Mermaid Street for the exterior shots (interior shots shown as St Anthony’s in Church Square). ... read more

House adjacent to Lamb House

Major Benjy’s House (Books)

The books place the resident of “Major Benjy” Flint at the house adjacent to Lamb House Channel 4 uses 3 Watchbell Street as the resident of “Major Benjy” Flint. The Old Custom’s House in Church Square is used in the BBC series. ... read more

The Hope Anchor Hotel, Watchbell Street

The Trader’s Arms (Books)

The Trader’s Arms is where Lucia and Georgie spend the night on their visit to Tilling. The original location of the Trader’s Arms from Benson’s books is the Hope Anchor Hotel on Watchbell Street. In the BBC series, this is set at the Ypres Castle Inn. Channel 4, on the other hand, use The Mermaid Inn. ... read more

H Horrell, Chemist, High Street

Wasters (Books)

Wasters is the home of Godiva (Diva) Plaistow and rented to Mapp whilst her house is in turn let to Lucia. In the books, Wasters is referred to as either 14 (H Horrell Chemist) or 17 (Byzantium) High Street as E F Benson gave no exact location or description. Channel 4 places Wasters at 11 Watchbell Street ... read more

The Other House, West Street

Hopkins and Taormina (Books)

In the books Hopkins fishmongers is located between 16 and 17 West Street and is called “The Other House”. The shop is located under Rye’s Town Hall (the Butter Market) in the BBC series. Taormina is the residence of “Quaint” Irene Coles. The books place Taormina in the coach house in-between 16 and 17 West Street. The ... read more

Ashbee & Son Butchers, 100 High Street

Worthington (Books)

It has been worked out that the books refer to Worthington as being at 100 High Street, Rye; formerly Ashbee’s Butchers. In the Channel 4 series, what is now the Swan Emporium is used for both Worthington butchers and Twemlow grocer. The recent BBC series showed Worthington butchers in the Butter Market, under Rye’s Town ... read more

Rye Golf Club, Camber

The Links

Throughout the books and TV series, Rye Golf Club is used as the location for The Links. ... read more

Ypres Castle, Gun Garden

Ypres Tower

The Ypres Tower is a landmark that exists both in Tilling and in Rye! Thought to have been built  in 1249, forming part of the town’s defences, the tower is the second oldest building open to the public in Rye. The oldest being the Parish Church of St Mary. To find out how the Tower can ... read more

West Street

Mallards Cottage (Exterior, BBC Series)

For the exterior of Mallards Cottage where Georgie Pillson lived in the recent BBC series, Lamb Cottage was used. This was also the location of Mallards Cottage in the books. The interior of Mallards Cottage in the BBC adaption used The House With Two Front Doors in Mermaid Street. Channel 4 used 29 Watchbell Street in their ... read more

Lamb House, West Street

Mallards (BBC Series)

Mallards, the home of Mapp, rented to Lucia, is set in Lamb House in West Street. Lamb House has particular significance to the Mapp & Lucia novels as it was the home of the author Edward Frederic Benson. Lamb House has also been resident to Benson’s brother, the author and academic A. C. Benson, the novelist Rumer Godden, the author ... read more