Mapp & Lucia's Rye

A guide to the locations of Tilling set in Rye

Church Square

3 Church Square

Taormina (Channel 4 Series)

Taormina is the residence of “Quaint” Irene Coles. The Channel 4 production shows Quaint Irene as living in 3 Church Square (or Pump Street as it is known locally!). The BBC production puts this house at 4 Watchbell Street and the books place Taormina in the coach house in-between 16 and 17 West Street. ... read more

St Anthony’s, Church Square

Starling Cottage (Interior, BBC Series)

Mr and Mrs Wyse are shown to live at St Anthony’s in Church Square for the interior shots (exterior shots shown as Hartshorn House in Mermaid Street). The books have Starling Cottage as being at Robin Hill in Mermaid Street. ... read more

The Old Custom’s House, Church Square

Major Benjy’s House (BBC Series)

The Old Custom’s House in Church Square is the resident of “Major Benjy” Flint. Channel 4 uses 3 Watchbell Street and the books place his house adjacent to Lamb House. ... read more

The Old Vicarage, 66 Church Square

Wasters (BBC Series)

Wasters is the home of Godiva (Diva) Plaistow and rented to Mapp whilst her house is in turn let to Lucia. Set in The Old Vicarage on Church Square which used to be a bed and breakfast but is now a private residence and has recently come on the market for sale. In the books, Wasters is ... read more