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Mapp & Lucia's Rye

A guide to the locations of Tilling set in Rye

Guided Tour

Allan DownendIf you want to find out more about Mapp & Lucia’s Rye, and their creator, E.F.Benson, why not take a guided tour with Allan Downend?

On these tours you look at not only where the houses in the books are, but also where various scenes were set, especially in Miss Mapp, where Benson first describes the topography of Tilling, or as you know it: Rye. We see where Miss Mapp spied on Mrs. Poppit, later, Mrs. Wyse and how they all witnessed the great flood and Mapp and Lucia being swept out to sea. You see where the tram used to take the Major and the Captain out to play golf, and much more. You look at the Benson interest items in the Church, where you can discover how E.F.Benson fitted into the Benson family and also his great legacy to Rye. You see where Benson visited before he came to live in Rye and learn a little about the many people who inspired his characters.

Your tour guide is Allan Downend, Secretary of the E.F.Benson Society


Stay at Jeake's House ...

The Walk lasts 1¾ hours.
£6.95 per person
Starts: 2pm
From: The Look-out at the eastern end of the High Street, the viewing point with the telescope for looking over the Romney Marsh

Saturday Dates 2016

The Walk ends at Lamb House, the home of E.F.Benson, which is open on Saturdays.

If you would like a walk on any other days this can be arranged, please contact 01797 223 114.